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  • Help manuals in screen shots:
  • Course list: The portal covers data of each and every course/ training of state meant to lead to employment ie Phd, Masters, graduation, Ploytechnics, ITI’s, MES etc.  The courses are sorted in the decreasing order of "Employability Index". "Employability Index" is the product of "Placement Percentage" and " Average Salary of the placed candidates". You can also sort and filter the list on various other fields. This list will give you clear picture of the supply and demand of a particular skill. You can also find the best institute for a particular course in your Taluka. Other related links:
  • Institute list: This is the list of all the institutes in Gujarat state who has opted to register with this website. Since the registration is free and open to any institute involved in imparting training in any of the course listed on this website, it can be said that this list contains all the serious players in the field of skill development or training who are not afraid of putting their data in public domain. This list keeps on updating on regular basis. It shows all important details for the institutes. The institutes are sorted in the decreasing order of "Employability Index". "Employability Index" is the product of "Placement Percentage" and “Average Salary of the placed candidates".
  • Yellow pages / Online directory: All the candidates for whom the institute has uploaded the mobile numbers get automatically added to yellow pages / online directory There is a provision of feedback by the customers which is used to rank the listed service providers. 
  • Skill Voucher list: Government of Gujarat has started a very novel and innovative scheme of “Skill Voucher”. Now all the government sponsored training will be through this mode only. In this scheme the candidates are given the skill vouchers and they can choose any course or any institute to get the training. The institute gets the money only when the candidate gets the NCVT/ GCVT certificate after passing the test. The “Skill Voucher list” shows the list of candidates that have received the skill vouchers.
  • Apply/ recommend for a skill voucher: Through this facility you can request a skill voucher with which you can get training anywhere in the state and in any institute which is willing to accept skill voucher. More details of skill voucher can be understood from the FAQ. You can also recommend someone else’s name for such skill voucher. This list will be made available to the concerned departments and if you fit in their criterion you may be contacted for providing the skill voucher training so kindly provide accurate information. Kindly note that mere registration of your request for skill voucher does not guarantee you the same. The final selection is solely at the discretion of the concerned department and is subject to the guidelines of the respective scheme. The list of candidates that have been provided the skill voucher will be put in public domain so that the institutes can contact them for trainings.
  • Counselor/ Placement agency/ Labour contractor: Anyone can register as “Counselor”. This registration is free of cost. Such registered counselors are free to charge for their services provided they mention the same during registration. The mobile number and the address will be in public domain.